Who is Mary Parrish?

The Mary Parrish Center is named in honor of our co-founder’s mother-in-law, Mary Parrish. She was a loving mother, a domestic violence survivor, and like the many survivors who go through our program— she was brave.

In 1999, Valerie Wynn, Whitney Blanton, and Grace Guerra (who were all working as victim advocates in Nashville) explored the idea of opening a “one stop” center where domestic violence survivors could receive all the services they need from one central location. They decided to name the center after Mary Parrish. Her legacy is carried on through her son, Mark Wynn, who after witnessing the abuse his mother endured, devoted his life to ending domestic violence.

In 2009, after years of frustration attempting to help survivors find safe, affordable housing, we took on the challenge; and today, we are exclusively dedicated to providing transitional housing. Our name remains­ a reminder of the many survivors that we serve and hope for their futures.

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