How will my gift make an impact?

Your support is invaluable in our ability to meet the needs of survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking in our community. By giving to The Mary Parrish Center, you will help us provide essential services to our residents that enable them to heal from their abuse, reclaim their autonomy, and reawaken their hopes and dreams.

Your Gift, Your Impact:

$25—Ensure safe transportation for our residents by paying for the cost of gas  

$50—Help our children learn by providing for the cost of school supplies

$100—Cover the monthly cost of utilities for one of our family’s apartments

$300—Provide enrichment activities for our kids such as ballet class or summer camp

$500—Offer our residents move-out assistance upon graduation from our program

$1,000—Make a home for one of our new residents by fully furnishing an apartment