The Mary Parrish Center For Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence
The Mary Parrish Center For Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence




Success Stories

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The story of the work we do is best told in the voices of those we have served:

"Thanks so much for your time and wonderful work you are doing for the abused."

"The children and I would like to thanks your establishment for sponsoring us as a family during this Christmas time. As I watched the children and their faces as they opened these truly needed and desired gifts, I truly believed Angels walk the earth... I asked the lord to send me hope, patience and peace on how I could possibly provide a Christmas for these children this year. He sent all of you to us... God bless you this holiday season and all the year through. Know the difference you made in our lives this year, will be forever remembered and cherished."

"I want to thanks Mrs. Valerie Wynn for the words of comfort and encouragement she gave. To my estimation there could not be anyone better to fit her position."

"I'd like to take the time to thank your facility for your help during my time of need. It's a good feeling to know there are people and organizations that care about the well being of others."

"Thank you for putting Santa back into Christmas"

"Thanks you so much for making feel at home the moment I stepped into the office!"

"... when one door closes another one opens. The Mary Parrish Center, Valerie, Jud and Jeanette and all their volunteers showed me that there had always been a door open and they greeted me in with open arms. It takes a very special team to show so much compassion and love on a consistent basis.

"The Mary Parrish center is gleaming rays of hope for all that come through its doors... Angels stand at their doors and have tattooed themselves on the people's hearts! You are magnificent... words cannot describe the comfort and peace you have brought into my family's heart and lives!"

"Thank you for being there for me. You have made me feel worth while again. It was your words that made me decided to get off the streets... everyone told me 'You CAN do this...' "

"Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity of letting me be a part of the extraordinary things you do here. It is an experience I will never forget and will motivate me for the rest of my life, to help others in anyway I can." --From an MPC volunteer

This was written by a group of domestic violence victims that attended a support group at the MPC in the winter of 2005. They came to us as victims. With their dignity and hope restored they left us as strong courageous survivors!

12 Steps for Survivors

Step 1:I will accept that this happen to me, but I can move on.

Step 2: We admit that we're not perfect, but we didn't deserve to be abused.

Step 3: We can regain our power.

Step 4: We pledge to remind ourselves daily of five things we admire about our self.

Step 5: We will make a list of all persons who have harmed us and process the anger and pledge not to carry them inside us.

Step 6: We have made a decision to take a Clear and honest look into our own childhood years in regards to what might have attracted us to an Abuser/Abusers.

Step 7: I will forgive and Love myself every day.

Step 8: Having taking a vow of sisterhood I will reach out and help where abuse is suspected.

Step 9: I will start to act like an adult by showing restraint and self -control in my relationships.

Step 10: Having come to an understanding of what caused my abuse I will carry this knowledge into my next relationship and never be abused again.

Step 11: I will confidently follow and live my life the way I choose-this is not a wishful fantasy but an obligation to me. I deserve it. From now own I will take care of my own needs first. I acknowledge such action is not selfish, for without helping me to be happy, healthy, emotionally and financially secure, I am powerless to help others.

Step 12: Having found freedom from abuse through the use of these steps and the support of the women who have walked them before me, I will continue to carry the message to all women who are yet to come.

There IS Hope! There IS Peace! There IS a better life!

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