The Mary Parrish Center For Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence
The Mary Parrish Center For Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence




How The MPC Helps

Our Transitional Living Program began in March 2009. Since that time, we have provided safe, secure, loving homes to 40 women and children.

The facility is an apartment complex with 12 self contained units. Eleven of the apartments have large living room areas, eat-in kitchens, one roomy bedroom and a bathroom. The 12th apartment is a bit larger than the others and is used as our on site office. The 12 apartments are on ground level. Each of the doors to the apartments faces another door, forming a half circle. In the center of the circle is a handicap accessible, ramped wooden deck/courtyard. Because all of the apartments face each other and share a common area, the design is very conducive to group activities and interaction among the residents. There are also several security features on property enabling the residents to feel safe and to really get down to the work of healing.

Eligibility requirements include the following: must be a victim of domestic, dating or sexual violence or stalking, must be the primary victim and a female adult or emancipated female minor, must have emotional, psychological, physical, financial, or other expressed needs for which they believe a supportive community environment will be helpful, applicant will need to be able to express plans for independence within 24 months for which they are motivated and which are possible in the timeframe. We give first preference to those women who are too fragile or unable to access other transitional living programs in our community.

The Mary Parrish Center provides a nurturing and safe environment where the needs of domestic violence victims are met from one location. We believe fundamental to breaking the cycle of abuse is the restoration of dignity and hope in the hearts and minds of victims and their children. The Center provides the tools to help survivors become safe and self-sufficient while encouraging the pursuit of personal goals and dreams.

The MPC provides assistance with the following services free of charge:

• Pro Bono Legal Representation
• Court Accompaniment
• Personalized Safety Planning
• Victim Injury Compensation
• Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing
• Food and Clothing
• Case Management
• Job Placement
• Transportation
• Counseling
• Information/Transportation to GED Classes

If you have any further questions regarding the Transitional Living Program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone at (615) 256-5959

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